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finally the twelfth and last of the twelve illustrations i made for my solo show titled ‘Zodiac’.

i choose this theme and this style as a tribute to one of my all time favorite artists Alphonse Mucha and all the Art Nouveau genre.

..and there’s a little bit of an Adam Hughes inspiration too!

here’s the complete list of the whole series:

© Giorgio Baroni 2013

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I’ve been meaning to do fan art of Amaterasu for a long time now. I finally got around to doing her. I started it days ago and worked on it here and there in my free time. I had made many backgrounds for this but just couldn’t seem to make them work so I settled for a plain one. I based this scene off of the part of the game when it was stormy and windy on the fields. Hope you guys like it. And if you have never played Okami, I advised you should. It’s a really fun game with a good story to go with it.


Thought I’d show off a little tonight.

This old thing (From 2011 to be exact) started out as a random doodle of what would be like if I had a larger room, and over the course of a year I just kept adding, and adding things till I ended up with this. Most of it is painted, but I sneaked in the odd framed photo. I also included the major illustrations I had done up until then, along with a few old school jobs. And a 1942 calendar I designed, just for the heck of it.

This was also the first time I attempted to do photo-realistic anything, starting with the camera on the shelf (a recurring theme), and the locomotive on top. The airship model was originally going to be the Hindenburg but, this being a 1942 era room… well, didn’t seem appropriate. This was also around the time I was planning to move to Canada, hence the old red ensign flag on the bookshelf (Had to keep it period accurate… and no, I never moved). Some of the books on the shelf are based on real editions, one of which I actually have.

But enough babbling.

Hmm… I should make a watermark for the sketchblog proper too….

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